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Ord(i)nance 2010

A ambiguous form of a spaceship, bomb, boat, or submarine, hangs suspended and counterweighted with sandbags. Within a salt encrusted cave is revealed through a gash in its side. The gallery wall behind was also ruptured revealing a sleeping bag where the artist had clandestinely spent the night.

Painted muslin, locust wood, rope, misting apparatus, salt water, timer, light, sand bags.







Free Public Shower 2010

A fully functioning double shower sits in the middle of the Space Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. Hot water and drainage having been plumbed in from the gallery bathroom.

Recycled lumber, slate, muslin, copper, pex plumbing fittings, and shower fittings.






Refuge 2011


A solitary journey downriver from Pittsburgh to Clarksville, Tennessee, is accomplished in this motorized Jon boat with added shelter. The boat is installed within the Austin Peay University gallery for the show SCALE curated by Ally Reeves. A video viewed through the fill opening in a gas tank provides a glimpse of the artist as an idealized wanderer. An artist statement reminiscent of a commemorative plaque declares the artist as a significant Canadian explorer.

14' Aluminum Jon boat with 6hp Johnson motor, local bamboo from the river banks, army tarpaulin and wool blanket.